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What is this service?
Upstock.guru is a file distribution service made for stock sites contributors.
Developed by a small group of stock media contributors.
The stock sites distribution platform greatly aided in our daily stock submission process, allowing to create more stock content and generate more sales by selling on multiple stock sites at once.

The platform is best suited for stock image and video distribution, but, not limited to stock sites.
It can be used for any type of multiple FTP, FTPS and SFTP servers files distribution, as long as the file types and max file sizes fit our limitations.
If you have specific needs, please contact us, we can arrange a custom solution for you...

Is upstock.guru free?
You can create an account and use all the platform features for free.
The only limitation is the bandwidth you use for distributing / uploading to FTP, FTPS and SFTP servers.
Your account will have 2 GB each month, starting at the beginning of each month.
This should be enough for an average stock contributor uploading hundreds of images to multiple stock sites.
But if you need more, you can always buy additional bandwidth package best suited for your needs.

Do I need a Dropbox account?
You will need a free Dropbox account to upload your files to.
Once you have a Dropbox account, you will be able to connect to our system with 1 click.
We will create a folder in your account under "/Apps/upstock.guru/upload/",
this is where you will upload the files you want to distribute.
* We do not have access to any other files under yor dropbox account.

Do you store my stock sites account information on your servers?
We strongly believe that storing your personal account information, emails and passwords is a serious security risk, and it should not be saved or shared with anyone under any circumstances.

Your stock sites login data will be saved inside your own Dropbox account, in a file "accounts.cfg".
It will only be used when adding / editing servers or running distribution of files to stock sites.
This prevents any data leaks or third party access to yor sensitive data.

What is the best way to submit to stock sites with upstock.guru?
The recommended multiple stock sites submission method is:

- Prepare the files you want to submit to all your stock sites, add meta data to the files, title, keywords and description.
- Upload the files once to "/Apps/upstock.guru/upload/" in your connected Dropbox account.
- Go to your upload batches.
- You will see the files in the "New upload batch" panel on the right.
- Click "Save batch and start upload" button.

The system will distribute all the files and will create a per server + per file upload report for you.
Go to the stock sites contributors admin and submit them (the title, keywords, description will be filled from the files meta data)
* Files will be deleted from dropbox after upload to save space

Do you support stock sites with FTPS or SFTP servers only?
Some stock sites support only FTPS or SFTP uploads (ex: stock.adobe.com).
Our platform will automatically recognize them, so when you add a new server to your list, just add them as a regular server.

What are the limitations?
  • Supported file types
    jpg, png, ai, eps, svg, mp4, mov, avi
  • Max file size
    300 MB
  • Monthly free bandwidth
    2 GB

* If you need more bandwidth, we offer additional bandwidth packages for sale.